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Since it’s founding in 1982 as a consulting firm and developer of custom software for bar coding and label design, ISD has become a leader in the fields of bar code, zero defect compliance labeling and Auto ID.
























Corporate History


ISD began as a consulting firm and a developer of custom software for bar code and labeling.


ISD was approached by TRW to develop software for designing and printing labels to meet the automotive industry shipping label standards. As a result of this partnership, ISD designed and developed the Generalized Bar Code and Labeling (GBL) software. GBL was introduced as the world's first off-the-shelf labeling software package for the newly introduced IBM PC. ISD's introduction of GBL marked the start of the desktop label composition and printing market.


In a partnership with the Silicone division of the General Electric company, ISD developed the world's first labeling software for marking and identification of chemical and pharmaceutical material: the Chemical Industry Bar Code and Labeling software - CIBL. The ease of use and CIBL's unique paragraphing and cross referencing database feature made it an instant success for any industry in need of generating complex labels that had to comply with OSHA, DOT and FDA regulations.


ISD introduced On-Tap for DOS. On-Tap was the first software utility of its kind enabling any application to print bar codes on any printer. On-Tap was later enhanced to run on Digital VMS and Open VMS operating systems. Later the same year, ISD introduced Arthur AIMS, a fully integrated software and hardware solution for asset inventory management.


ISD introduced the world's first integrated design, information management and printing software for the in-house production of signs, labels and forms at the 1990 Scan-Tech trade show in Atlanta. This product was launched as Barney Ellis and offered the first true WYSIWYG labeling software with an innovative graphical user interface. Barney incorporated all the features of GBL and CIBL in addition to many new connectivity and user interface enhancements as an enterprise wide software solution. The Barney product line was enhanced in 1992 by the introduction of Barney for VMS and by the launch of Barney Express at the Philadelphia Scan-Tech in 1993.


In April of '98, ISD introduced its On-Tap/UNIX product at the IT FORUM in San Francisco. On-Tap/UNIX is a print filter that provides seamless integration of bar codes into business applications running SUN, SCO, and IBM/AIX operating systems.

Later that same year, ISD announced the birth of a new product, Tattoo ID, at the ID EXPO '98 show in Philadelphia. Tattoo ID is the world's first enterprise-wide, label design and bar coding print platform. It is a new breed of Windows software that goes beyond the normal labeling capabilities to provide use in all areas of an enterprise ranging from labeling to ID card generation.

In September at Scan-Tech, ISD goes beyond software to Professional Services - Knowledge On™. ISD also introduces a new member to the On-Tap Family - On-Tap PS™ - which enables bar code printing from any PostScript printer on any operating system.


January of 1999 ISD announced Y2K compliant upgrade to On-Tap that adds bar codes to existing documents and applications. ISD Also launched an automated migration program - Tattoo Platinum Upgrade Plan™. The program assists DOS clients in their migration to windows with Tattoo ID. In addition, ISD announced the addition of companion products to Tattoo ID, such as Tattoo™ Connect, Tattoo™ Express, Tattoo™ QA/Approval, Tattoo™ Inventory, Tattoo™ Label Reporter, and Tattoo™ Validation. In August ISD announced new web site for the new millennium including new products, downloads and a range of services.


ISD announced it's first product for producing bar coded labels from the World Wide Web. is a portal for compliance labeling that allows both manufacturers and suppliers to communicate about labeling requirements.


enLabel Global Services was incorporated as a spin off of ISD, with it's mission to bring Integrated Packaging Management solutions to corporations worldwide.

The next generation of Tattoo ID was introduced. My Tattoo is a cost effective solution for small businesses requiring labels. Tattoo ID Business Edition is ideal for companies that design and print labels from a single PC or workstation. And Tattoo Enterprise provides Enterprise-wide or multi-site design, connectivity and printing.


2006 was the year of the upgrade. On-Tap PLUS was released with features such as 2D bar codes ( Aztec, Datamatrix, Maxicode and PDF 417), bar code error checking, multiple trigger and command characters and more .Tattoo ID Enterprise Version 5.3 bar code labeling software added advanced publishing features


In 2008 we celebrated 25 Years of Award-Winning Bar Code Labeling Software. We were also proud to receive the 2008 Best of Mansfield Award. In the fourth quarter we release a major update to our Tattoo ID line of software. Version 6 includes an updated GUI, enhanced connectivity and editing features and much more.
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