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If you're looking for the fastest and easiest way to print bar codes with your application software, On-Tap® PLUS is for you. With On-Tap you can add bar coding to documents printed from your existing applications on-the-fly. And, your existing printers can do bar coding on demand -- even if your printer wasn't designed to handle bar coding.

With On-Tap, any standard laser, ink jet or impact printer can become a bar code printer.

On-Tap is the only bar coding software that runs everywhere. Not only does it support many printers, but it also runs on many operating systems and hardware platforms. We have products for bar coding on PostScript Printers in Windows, bar coding in UNIX and bar coding in VMS.

On-Tap PLUS includes 2D bar codes.

On-Tap PLUS includes both 1D and 2D bar coding capabilities through state-of-the-art technology. The bar coding software feature chart lists all of the features available in On-Tap PLUS.

On-Tap fits into your business practices.

On-Tap allows you to create fully portable applications quickly and easily. It is fully compatible with your current database, word processing package, manufacturing software, or most any other software from which you want to print bar codes.

And, unlike most software packages that require a lot of memory and disk space, On-Tap requires a minimal amount of file space. This means that your application will run fast and require a minimum of resources. On-Tap won't interfere with other applications you're running on your host computer. All good reasons why nothing is faster or easier to use in all your bar coding projects than On-Tap.


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