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Bar code labeling softwareTattoo ID® Business Edition
Bar Code Labeling Software

When it comes to bar code labeling software, nothing makes it easier to produce professional looking labels with scannable bar codes than Tattoo ID Business Edition.

Whether you're designing and printing labels for internal use or for your customers, Tattoo ID Business Edition bar code labeling software gives you all the features you need to produce impressive labels with rich color output, type, pictures and bar codes. Tattoo's powerful set of desktop publishing tools let you create labels for compliance labeling, inventory labels, shipping labels, or bar coded labels for any auto ID and tracking application.

Tattoo ID Business Edition lets you produce custom bar coded labels that truly reflect your business.

Print Complex Bar Coded Labels

Tattoo ID Business Edition bar code labeling software has the power and flexibility that you are looking for in a labeling system.

Incorporate almost any picture, symbol, icon or logo into your label. Tattoo ID supports more than twenty graphic file formats. Only Tattoo ID Business Edition lets you take advantage of a full range of colors for pictures, text and backgrounds.

Tattoo ID supports over thirty Bar code symbologies and subsets, including Code 39, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC, EAN and Postal bar codes. It also includes 2D bar codes.

Bar codes, text and graphics can be dynamic or static. Dynamic data can come from a wide variety of sources, including your company's database. Tattoo ID Business Edition lets you connect with all of your important information through Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL Server or Oracle. It also lets you connect with any general OLE or ODBC database provider. It even allows you to include information drawn from a text file.

Tattoo ID's integrated features are powerful enough to satisfy even international regulatory compliance requirements.Bar coded labels

Tattoo ID's tools and rulers make the placement of any object on your label as precise as possible. It even lets you select the measuring system in which to layout your labels.

Tattoo ID also offers something no other labeling software can -- the ability to design and view multiple labels on a page. This feature takes the guess work out of designing labels. In addition, the flexible label printing feature allows you to start where you left off, meaning that you do not waste label stock. Tattoo ID saves money.

Easy to Use Bar Code Labeling Software

Start with one of the many pre-designed label formats that are included, or create your labels from scratch. Tattoo ID offers more than 1000 label stocks.

Even the most complex labels with the most difficult compliance labeling demands can be created with ease using Tattoo ID bar code labeling software. From simple address labels to complex pharmaceutical or chemical labels requiring FDA and OSHA compliance, Tattoo ID Business Edition does it all.


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