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ISD offers off-the-shelf products and services through our Support Services.

ISD's products and services include bar code and labeling software, hardware, publications, educational services, consulting, system integration, design and analysis.

Bar Coding and Compliance Labeling: 
Integrated Software Design Mission Statement

Ramin KhoshatefehAccording to ISD's founder and CEO, Ramin Khoshatefeh, the company's mission is to bring bar coding and compliance labeling solutions to companies and their suppliers worldwide.

"In accomplishing this mission , we must go beyond developing and marketing software solutions and professional services by providing total care for clients and enhancing their businesses. We believe in solving business problems through total partnership with our clients."

We employ the latest IT based solutions along with knowledge enabled business practices to produce products that improve our client's bar coding and compliance labeling business processes.

Experience through years in the market has given Integrated Software Design the opportunity to study the needs of its clients and develop bar coding products and compliance labeling methodologies that specifically addresses these needs.

ISD's business model calls for the successful implementation of well-defined bar coding and compliance labeling projects.

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