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My Tattoo IDMy Tattoo ID®
Bar Code Labeling Software

My Tattoo ID contains all of the features most useful to small businesses with standard bar code, labeling and minimal connectivity needs. Design professional labels with text, pictures, shapes and 30 different bar code symbologies and subsets.

My Tattoo ID is a cost effective solution to meet your labeling needs. It saves you time by letting you create label templates for designs that are similar and simply filling in variable information at print time. It saves you money by assuring that you meet all internal and external bar code and labeling requirements 100% of the time.

Easy to use bar code labeling software

My Tattoo ID is easy to use. Starting with thousands of predefined label stocks, My Tattoo ID bar code labeling software guides you through label design with intuitive menus and help features. Zoom in and out of the label to get a good view of your work. Use rulers or enter the location of each object on the label in inches, centimeters, decimal inches, millimeters, picas, points or twips. Turn on guides and grids for additional assistance in locating objects on the label. Your design will always be accurate and in spec.

Unlike other bar code labeling software that only let you design one label at a time, and requires you to replicate the same design to all labels on a page, My Tattoo ID lets you work with multiple labels of different types on the same page. You can also write notes that do not print and keep them in the scratch area (off of the label).

Powerful bar code labeling software

Create labels with constant data, serial numbers, dynamic data from text files, date and time. In addition, you can link fields and enter dynamic information from the keyboard at print time. My Tattoo ID lets you rotate bar codes, pictures and text to virtually any angle. You can also crop objects to fit in the label perfectly.

Tattoo ID Bar Code Labeling Software

From simple address labels to complex chemical labels requiring DOT, and OSHA hazardous materials labeling, there is a version of Tattoo ID bar code and labeling software available to suit your labeling system need.

Small businesses requiring a few labels can benefit from My Tattoo, our most cost effective labeling system. Tattoo ID Business Edition is ideal for companies that design and print labels from a single PC or workstation. Enterprise Bar Coding or multi-site design and printing is available in Tattoo ID Enterprise. With its scalable platform and add-on modules that integrate seamlessly into all enterprise-wide systems, Tattoo ID Enterprise will grow with your business and provide you with a superior labeling system solution. And, all Tattoo ID bar code labeling software works with any Windows compatible printer.


IMPACT Member Support

Standing behind every Tattoo ID bar code and labeling software is a dedicated professional staff of consultants and technicians who are ready to answer your questions and help you solve technical problems. The IMPACT Maintenance Plan provides top priority access and unlimited technical support to members.

Powerful. Intuitive. Easy to use. Cost effective. Scalable and fully supported. Tattoo ID. Now you'll not only make a great first impression, you'll make a great lasting impression.


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