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On-Tap VMS or UNIX bar coding software runs as a stand alone program and directly translates (filters) your text into bar codes. Once On-Tap has bar coded your file, you can send it to any printer anywhere within your network.

On-Tap lets you print VMS or UNIX bar codes from within your existing applications in minutes. Simply place a special trigger character before and after the information you'd like to bar code. When you print, bar codes will appear in place of the information you've marked. It even lets you change the trigger characters and control the spacing around each bar code. No other bar code software has these flexible features.

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Economical Bar Coding

Because On-Tap lets you print VMS or UNIX bar codes from your current database or other application software on you existing printers, you won't have to invest in additional hardware or software.VMS bar coding

No up-front programming is involved. So, you'll also save the time and money involved in program development. And, you'll be able to print bar codes right away!

HP PartnerConsidering the significant costs associated with program development and purchasing new hardware and software, On-tap is clearly the most cost-effective approach to bar code printing.

With On-Tap you can print bar codes when you need them and how you need them.

On-Tap Plus gives you the ability to print more than 18 different types of 1D and 2D bar codes symbologies and subsets that meet industrial standards. It also gives you complete control over each bar code's ratio, check digit, height and plot density.It even allows you to include several different types of bar codes in the same document and control the bar code type, orientation, and human readable characters.

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On-Tap has been in use since 1988, by transportation equipment manufacturers, electronics companies, chemical companies, medical facilities, printers, publishers, government agencies and in many other settings. It is being used in a wide variety of applications such as document tracking, inventory control, WIP tracking, shipping, product labeling, POSTNET mailing, material movement, identification cards, labor reporting and accounting.

What's Behind The On-Tap Name

Standing behind every On-Tap product is a dedicated professional staff of consultants and technicians who are ready to answer your questions and help you solve technical problems. Our Ultimate IMPACT Maintenance Plan, which provides top priority access and unlimited technical support to subscribers is included with your annual licensing fee.

So, whether you will be using On-Tap for an in-house application or to add bar code printing to an application that you re-market, On-Tap is the right product for you.

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