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Connectivity and Expandability

Cross platform bar coding and labeling
Connectivity and expandability are essential elements in all ISD products. Sharing information with distributed hosts and databases on an Internet or Intranet supported environment is a feature of all ISD solutions

Peripheral Independent

Print bar codes on any Windows printer
ISD's bar code and labeling solutions are peripheral independent.This gives us the option to use input and output technologies that are best suited for each client's application.

Association of Shareware Professionals

OISV - Organization of Independant Software Vendors - Charter Member

Integrated Software Design Corporate Overview

Over twenty five years experience developing bar code and labeling solutions

Throughout our twenty five year history, ISD has maintained a lead in the bar code and labeling software market.  From our beginnings as a bar code labeling consultant to our successful development of the world's first bar code software packages, ISD has always been on the cutting edge.

At ISD we seek the best talent and promote staff development. We encourage innovation and teamwork and realize the importance of communication.

Our core values are a vital part of our corporate culture and our teams commitment to it has fueled our success, and contributed to the achievement of our goals.

Easy to use bar code and labeling

ISD's products are designed for ease of use, flexibility, and scaleability. They include powerful features with practical benefits.

Our On-Tap bar code printing software line allows you to print bar codes from UNIX, VMS or Windows applications.On-Tap bar code printing software are all flexible and complete utilities that let you print bar codes from any software package, on any printer.

Our Tattoo line of bar code labeling software packages give you the ability to design and print sophisticated labels from the Windows environment. From small applications to enterprise labeling, there is a Tattoo bar code labeling software product that is just right for your company.

In addition to the above titles, ISD works closely with enLabel Global Systems to offer solutions for integrated packaging management. enLabel's Integrated Packaging Management solutions coordinate all the printed materials that are included in the product packaging process.This allows for consistency in branding and accuracy in complying to regulatory standards.

Dependable Support

Integrated Software Design's IMPACT maintenance program gives you access to the IMPACT member site which offers product information, technical notes and software upgrades. IMPACT is designed to assist customers in maximizing the utilization of their software products within their business environment.

In addition, ISD offers monthly "Mastering Tattoo ID" training sessions which provide an opportunity to learn the basics of design, merging database information and printing, in a classroom setting. Individual consultations and on-site training are also available.

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