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Integrated Software Design newsTattoo ID Enterprise Version 5.3 Bar Code Labeling Software Adds Advanced Publishing Features

Produce multi-page documents that meet bar code and labeling standards


Integrated Software Design announces the release of Tattoo ID Enterprise Version 5.3, their newest software package for corporate labeling. Tattoo ID Enterprise now gives users the capability to produce multi-page documents with advanced publishing features such as comment marking. Tattoo ID Enterprise allows companies to design labels from a central location, and print from remote stations placed at strategic locations throughout their company. Designing labels from a central location allows companies to control branding, improve compliance and promote their corporate image. A free trial download of Tattoo ID Enterprise is available at

“The typical labeling project has expanded," says Phyllis Zaiger, V.P., “Today’s company needs to create multiple documents that share information with their labels. In addition, it’s not unusual for several managers to review the documents produced by our software. As a result, we have added features that help companies produce and edit their labels and packaging documents more efficiently.”

Centralized bar code labeling design

The Tattoo ID Enterprise design station makes it easy to design professional labels with color, text, pictures, shapes and bar codes. Tattoo ID Enterprise supports over thirty bar code symbologies and subsets, including Code 39, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC, EAN and Postal bar codes. It also includes 2D bar codes.

Labels can contain fixed or variable information. Dynamic bar codes, text and graphics can come from a wide variety of sources, including company databases.

Distributed printing

Tattoo ID Enterprise label printing stations can be set up throughout a company. Print station labeling can be driven by either label design or database information. Dynamic data can be filled in automatically from corporate databases or operators can be prompted to enter the appropriate information. Printing is simple and operators require little or no training to produce professional labels that are in compliance to corporate standards.

Integrated Software Design, Inc.

Integrated Software Design (ISD) is the leading provider of on-demand bar code and enterprise labeling software solutions. ISD has been providing bar code and labeling solutions since 1982 to companies in the manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, retail, education, financial, health care and electronics industries. ISD’s offerings include award winning off-the-shelf software products and professional services.

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