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Integrated Software Design Introduces On-Tap/Windows for Printing Bar Codes from Windows Applications

Integrated Software Design (ISD), the leader in enterprise wide printing, tracking and business process automation, announces On-Tap/Windows, a simple solution for anyone that needs to add bar codes to documents printed through Windows application software.

On-Tap/Windows is an easy to use software solution that allows you to add the bar codes most commonly used in business and industry to any document printed from a Windows PC. It provides seamless integration of bar codes into business applications such as accounting reports, spreadsheets, proposals, invoices, pick lists, etc. On-Tap/Windows is exceptionally suited for document management, tracking applications, mailing system applications requiring Postnet and in general, any business system requiring data capture automation.

On-Tap/Windows gives you the ability to print over 13 different symbologies. It allows you to control the ratio, height, check digit, orientation and other specifications of the bar codes you print. Many different bar code symbologies of various heights and characteristics may be incorporated on the same page of a form or document.

Information to be bar coded is identified in your application by simply marking them with a predefined trigger character. The Windows resident portion of On-Tap/Windows converts this information into the bar code of your choice and prints them at the desired location within your document. Then, simply print the document on a wide variety of printers.

Integrated Software Design (ISD) has been the leading provider of compliance solutions to the life science, chemical and manufacturing businesses since 1982. ISD’s solutions utilize proven technologies, which have been field-tested. ISD is committed to delivering successful implementations with guaranteed results, and have successfully worked with executive management teams to provide solutions to over 4500 businesses internationally s on many platforms ranging from personal computers to clusters of high power servers.


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