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Automotive parts manufacturer prints bar coded labels on demand Tattoo ID Helps Satisfy Clients and Print On-Demand At Reliable Tool & Machine

Reliable Tool & Machine, located in Kendallville, IN, specializes in automotive replacement parts. They design and print customer compliant labels to put on the shipping boxes used for their cast iron wheel hubs. The compliant labels insure against penalties enforced by some clients. The ability to print on-demand allows Reliable Tool & Machine to save money by eliminating the cost of inventory of pre-printed labels.

Until recently, the compliance labels were outsourced to a label printing company. This forced Reliable to carry an inventory of pre-printed labels. This also made the company inflexible to changing demands of clients.

Since labels were ordered for each client's specifications, when changes were made, labels had to be reordered to match. The old stock was discarded as a result of this. This fact and the time it took to receive the label stock amounted to wasted time and capitol.

With these factors in mind, JD Hartman, a Systems Administrator at Reliable Tool & Machine, decided that the best route to follow would be to print labels on-demand, in-house. This was achieved through the purchase of Tattoo ID, the first enterprise labeling and bar code print platform.

JD purchased Tattoo ID for three reasons: Tattoo ID Bar code Labeling software

      1. Tattoo ID was compatible to the Microsoft Access database, where the shipping information was stored, made merging data into labels easy.
      2. The compliance formats built in Tattoo ID made designing client labels, such as AIAG, simple because they did not have to be created from scratch.
      3. No other package on the market showed the flexibility, control, and ease of use that Tattoo ID has.

Due to Tattoo ID's scalability and flexibility as an enterprise labeling print platform, JD sees a possibility for using Tattoo ID in other areas of the company. One of these applications includes connectivity to an AIX operating system on a RS6000 machine, running Symix MRP System. This is a job for Tattoo ID's line of products because not only does it have connectivity to AIX, but it also integrates into any ERP system.

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