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ISD Announces Tattoo Suite for Compliance Labeling

Integrated Software Design, Inc. (ISD) announces the release of Tattoo Suite, a total solution for compliance labeling. Tattoo Suite provides an electronic process that takes the label from the concept stage, though design, approval, quality assurance, label validation to the label production stage.

Ramin Khoshatefeh, ISD’s President says that, “by using a system that electronically tracts the label through all stages of the labeling cycle, Tattoo Suite cuts label cycle time down to a fraction of what it was in the past, and simplifies the label compliance process.”

Tattoo Suite includes Tattoo ID, Tattoo Sync, Tattoo Connect, Tattoo Label Reporter, Tattoo Print Wheel and Tattoo PostScript.

Tattoo ID allows you to design and print impressive labels with or without bar codes, rich color output, professional type and superior graphics. It has scaleable architecture so it can be incorporated it into any system, and is ERP, Internet, and Intranet ready.

Tattoo Sync is helpful in managing applications that are frequently changing, such as databases, development in-progress and accounting. Tattoo Sync distributes files from a server to a PC, from a PC to a server, or from one PC to another PC on-demand, or at recurring times without user intervention.

Tattoo Connect minimizes operator entry, thereby making it easier to standardize label production and increase efficiency and accuracy. Tattoo Connect establishes connectivity with existing corporate databases which can contain general data, and information specific to each print job, such as the name of the label format, number of copies to print or the destination of output.

Tattoo Label Reporter generates reports containing information about each object contained in a Tattoo ID label (bar code, text field, image, etc.) its location and its contents (constant data, serial number, date, time, etc.). Tattoo Print Wheel converts labels designed in Tattoo ID to Print Wheel format, which can then be printed on legacy systems such as UNIX and VMS. Tattoo PostScript enables any application generating output for PostScript printers to print bar codes.

Integrated Software Design, Inc. (ISD) was founded in 1982 and is the leading provider of Information Technology (IT) services for enterprise labeling, tracking and business process automation to over 4500 U.S. and international businesses. ISD's clients include over fifty percent of Fortune 500 companies in the manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, retail, educational, financial, health care, and electronics industries. ISD's offerings range from award-winning off-the-shelf software products and professional services incorporating customized software design, development and system integration, to business intelligence and knowledge management services, including consulting, compliance and audits.


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