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New Product Delivers Barcoding Solutions Within a Fixed Time and Budget

Integrated Software Design (ISD), the leader in enterprise labeling, tracking, and business process automation since 1983, announces a new assembly of products consisting of software applications, tools, methodology and processes for incorporating Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. ISD's new product assembly, AIDC Enabled ERP, is a part of ISD's move in offering IT professional services utilizing it's unique and proprietary methodology, Knowledge On™, guaranteeing the delivery of IT services within a fixed time and a fixed budget model. Briefings on AIDC Enabled ERP at Scan-Tech will be held at ISD's booth.

Knowledge On is a unique methodology for design, development, delivery and maintenance of scalable Professional IT Services. Knowledge On focuses on utilizing cutting-edge technologies as well as the economics of IT development and implementation. It also helps identify vital projects among the long list of mission critical applications. Knowledge On refines each project by highlighting the most important and valuable deliverables with the largest payback, hence, reducing time and resources wasted on projects that have the least business impact.

AIDC Enabled ERP is a special extension of Knowledge On which offers a roadmap and processes for building AIDC technologies in business system implementations built around ERP systems. ISD's methodology is compatible with many of industry's leading ERP products such as SAP, BAAN, QAD, Peoplesoft, J. D. Edwards as well as systems built around popular database management systems such as Oracle, Sybase and Informix.

ISD's methodology and products are technology and platform independent. The reusable components are transferable from situation to situation, from industry to industry, and the results may be targeted for any micro to mainframe, client-server to web-based (Internet/Intranet) platforms. AIDC Enabled ERP encompasses three phases for implementation: RPM (Rapid Process Modeling), K-RAD (Knowledge On's Rapid Application Development), and RDMO (Rapid Deployment, Maintenance and Optimization).

In addition to software design and development, AIDC Enabled ERP also offers IT business alignment, process definition, system integration, advisory and best practices studies and hardware and supplies recommendation and procurement.

Getting on board with AIDC Enabled ERP and Knowledge On saves time and money while delivering efficient IT solutions. The end result is more productive and easier to use business systems that allow for moneymaking opportunities that can not be refused. In addition, the integrated knowledge base on AIDC technologies, delivers strategic planning, implementing and deploying of the best solutions in-order to maximize the financial, operational and human factors ROI.

Integrated Software Design is the leading supplier of enterprise labeling, tracking and business process automation solutions to over 4500 U.S. and international businesses. ISD's clients are in the manufacturing, chemical, retail, educational, financial, health care, and electronics industries. ISD's software is installed in over 50% of Fortune 500 companies on many platforms ranging from personal computers to clusters of high power servers.

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