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Global Labeling Best Practices Assessment Tool

Today’s executives face the challenge of managing processes, resources and disparate business applications in a global arena. Globalization has brought with it diversity in management styles, controls and operating standards. To remain profitable, companies must review processes, reevaluate resource requirements and assess the metrics needed to be successful in the marketplace. In this chaotic climate, successful companies take a systematic approach. They set standards, procedures and continually monitor their progress, making changes as needed. This systematic approach includes implementing controlled workflow solutions with centralized standards that extend beyond the boundaries of the enterprise, to include all supply chain partners from suppliers to customer.

The following checklist will give you an idea of how prepared you are to meet the challenges of global labeling.


Yes No SOP Manual for Labeling
Yes No Documented Internal and External Requirements
Yes No Documented Regulatory Requirements
Yes No Documented Incoming Goods Identification Labeling Requirements
Yes No Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning
Yes No Workflow Description for Every Label Application
Yes No Scheduled Process Validation
Yes No Established Process Ownership

Requirement Changes

Yes No Process a Label Request )Design, Approve, Document, QA & Deploy) in less than 3 days consistently
Yes No Maintain a secured repository of labels approved for production
Yes No Electronic distribution for approval and sign off
Yes No Electronically broadcast labels to production sites with absolute certainty of zero errors
Yes No Estimated tracking and audit trail
Yes No Production reporting


Yes No Electronic verification and validation of your labeling system
Yes No Formal archiving and back up process with verification
Yes No Systematic review and update of regulatory requirements such as FDA, OSHA, DOT and Export systematically
Yes No Adherence to customer requirements in a timely basis
Yes No Track and control changes using a document management system
Yes No Effective communication of internal customer and vendor requirements

Yes: No:

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