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Integrated Packaging Management

Only enLabel enables you to manage your product packaging demands effectively,Compliance labeling on the web thereby, eliminating errors, mitigating risk, guaranteeing safety, and expediting your time to reach the global market. Learn how to coordinate all the printed materials that are included in your product packaging process.

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Integrated Packaging Management (IPM)

Packaging is a multifaceted process incorporating labels, IFU's (Instructions For Use); inserts or TDS' (Technical Data Sheets); Warranty Forms (WF); Technical Manuals (TM); registration cards; marketing materials, etc. Historically, each of these pieces of a package have been addressed autonomously. Diverse applications focused on a single piece of the packaging puzzle, often making the creation of the finished package enormously complex. A uniform packaging platform can bring a homogeneity to this hodgepodge of applications.Integrated Packaging Management

Standardization of your packaging environment saves you time and money, increases efficiency and optimizes corporate compliance. Synchronizing processes makes it possible to avoid gaps, thereby increasing productivity. Direct transmission of data from a standard point of origin eliminates errors and ensures consistency.

To provide maximum benefit, the IPM uniform platform must include modules for flexible label design, collaborative workflow and efficient packaging execution. Such a platform provides an impressive Return on Investment:

Central label design Centralize control of packaging label/document design & branding
Standardized packaging Standardize enterprise packaging
Reduce Packaging Costs Reduce operating costs
Workflow Optimize global & local packaging workflow
Pakaging regulation Regulate packaging business processes
Packaging Execution Established procedures ease packaging execution

enLabel Global Services, Inc. a sister company of Integrated Software Design, provides a uniform packaging platform that is designed to meet the needs of your company today and far into the future. Not only does the platform justify the investment incurred, it will be recouped quickly.


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