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Tattoo ID Training Curriculum

The comprehensive Tattoo ID Workshop is a must for everyone involved in label production!

The Mastering Tattoo ID Workshop covers:

  • System Requirements
  • The Main Window
  • Choosing a Label
  • Draw Lines & Shapes
  • Add Text
  • Text Properties
  • Add Bar Code
  • Bar Code Types
  • Bar Code Properties
  • Import Pictures
  • The Rotation Tool
  • Position & Align Fields
  • Grouping
  • Save File
  • Priority Codes
  • Product Labels
  • Shapes & Pictures
  • Layers
  • Prompt at Print Time
  • Link Field
  • Merge Info/File field
  • Box Labels
  • Duplicate/Replicate Serial Number
  • Shipping Labels
  • Log Data
  • Printing
  • Print Screen
  • Print Setup Screen
  • Private consultation with our labeling software and design specialists


Your labeling system’s success depends on your staff’s ability to use it effectively.

Tattoo ID is a flexible software package with a wide range of capabilities. Using features such as database connectivity, link fields and command line options can increase your labeling system’s efficiency. Tattoo Connect also adds to it’s capabilities.

Successful label designers must be skilled at understanding the features that are available and how to use them.

The Tattoo ID workshop reviews all of the software’s features and their applications so you can get the maximum results from your labeling system in the minimum amount of time.

The successful label manager understands the importance of compliance.

Many businesses have established bar coding, labeling, packaging and shipping requirements and standards for their suppliers, as well as for their internal operations. Government agencies (i.e. OSHA, FDA, DOT) have also established regulatory guidelines designed to protect consumers and the environment from potentially hazardous products. Conformance to packaging, labeling and shipping requirements impacts the bottom line.

Customer imposed fines for incorrect labeling, fines and legal costs due to violation of regulatory requirements, and lost business due to non-conformance to customer requirements can be enormous. It is therefore of the utmost importance that your primary and back up staff be well trained.

This workshop uses a proven method that enables your staff to learn how to use Tattoo ID most effectively in their environment. They will leave with solutions to all of their labeling concerns and answers to all of their questions. Upon completion of the workshop participants receive a training manual, Tattoo ID user manual and a Certificate of Completion.

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