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Software Licensing

ISD offers both annual and perpetual software licenses, depending on the product and application.

The license is a contract between ISD and you (the user of the software). The software license grants you specific, limited rights to use the software. It also allows ISD to retain ownership of the software so that they can continue to add features and control quality standards.

Table of Contents

Your license is either granted through a signed agreement or through a shrink wrap or click wrap agreement, in which you indicate your acceptance of the license by opening the software package or clicking a button on a computer screen. ISD uses a combination of written agreements to license our software. License rights are described in the ISD License Terms and Conditions. When you sign or otherwise accept the license terms and conditions, you are indicating you accept the license terms.

Your software license is defined by the License Term and Type of License. Prior to using ISD software, the software must be registered and authorized.It is only after software authorization, that the customer is the licensee of the licensed software .

Your rights to move software licenses between systems to meet changes in your computing environment are highlighted under License Transfer. Please consult these requirements when upgrading to new hardware technology or to a new version of your operating system.

License Term

The license term determines how long the software can be used before it must be renewed. ISD offers two license terms:

  • Annual: ISD's enterprise software is sold with an annual license that includes the IMPACT maintenance and support program.30-days prior to the end of each annual term, the Licensee must renew the annual-term of the license through the payment of the license fee to rightfully continue to use the software, otherwise the Licensee must stop using the software and follow ISD's termination procedures.

  • Perpetual: Some ISD software is sold with a perpetual license. This allows you to use the software for as long you continue to comply with the terms of the license agreement. The IMPACT maintenance plan is optional for perpetual systems, but highly recommended.

Types of Licenses

The type of license determines how the software can be used. ISD provides four types of licenses:

  • Computer: License to use the software on a specified number of computers.

  • Server: License to install the software on one server for concurrent access by any client, and/or on multiple servers for access by clients  on a specified number of computers.

  • Concurrent: License to use the software up to the quantity of uses at a time, on one system or cluster configuration, and on a single specified Operating System.

  • Print Only: License to use the software only for batch, print, and file services as well as non-interactive display of information on a single computer. At least one system with a traditional, client, server or concurrent license is required for the system's first processor.


Licensing Policies

As part of our commitment to excellence in customer service we maintain an inventory of all software, whether active or inactive. Each package that is not accounted for is sent to our auditing department to be traced. You must maintain records matching the use of the software to the license grants and must make the records available to ISD or the third party developer or owner of the Software upon reasonable notice.

License Transfer

Licenses may not be transferred to another party except with ISD's written permission.

The following are the licensing transferring procedures for moving ISD software to another system:

  • You can transfer your license from one Windows-based installation to another through the license transfer option found within the software. If this option cannot be accessed, you must fill out a License Disclosure form.

  • If you change operating systems (VMS to UNIX or vice versa), you are required to purchase a new license.

  • If you move your installation within the same operating system, there is a $500 transfer fee in addition to the difference in price between the two licenses.

  • If you reinstall your software on the same computer your may require and request a re-authorization code.


Lapse in Licensing

Should  your license expire, you must immediately terminate your use of the software until the reactivation payment is received by ISD and you are given a re-authorization code.

A client that allows their license to lapse for more than 30-days incurs a mandatory per license reactivation fee equal to 10% of the software list price, with a minimum fee of $250.  

Beyond 60 days after the license expiration, the license will be revoked and full payment of the license fee is required for reactivation.


To terminate your license we request that you fill out and sign a Software Disclosure form stating that the license is removed and no longer in use.

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