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Tattoo Upgrade Planning Survey

Thank you for your interest in Tattoo ID. As part of the Tattoo Platinum Upgrade Plan Migration Program the following survey needs to be completed so that we can better understand your working environment.

First Name:*

Last Name:*

Job Title:




Zip/Postal Code:*

Telephone:* (ie, 6174192444)
Fax: (ie, 6174192424)


Current Labeling Software
Current Platform
Current # workstations(design & print)
Desired # of workstation:
Number of unique label designs (formats)
Number of formats/labels
Database type

Number of records in databases

Number of databases

Printing method
Number of graphic/picture files
Printer manufacturers and models

ERP System in Place (if any):

Do you want to integrate your labeling system with your current business system?
Yes No

Application for which this software will be used:
(Hold down ctrl key and select all appropriate applications)

How soon will you be implementing this application?
Less than one month .
1 -3 months
3 - 6 months
6 - 9 months
9 months - 1 year
1 year or more

How are you involved in the decision making process for labeling projects?
I am the decision maker.
I am preparing a request for proposal.
I am the primary technical/business influencer.
I am involved in the project but am not an influencer, or I am not involved with the project.

Manager responsible for project

How far has your company gotten in defining their requirements for a labeling solution?
My company has defined all requirements.
My company has defined some of the requirements.
My company recognizes a need but has not defined the requirements.
My company is not aware of a problem, or we do not have a need.
We have already implemented a labeling solution.
At what stage is your company in the decision making process?
Ready to decide and have a specific decision date>
Ready to decide and have a general time frame.
Not ready to decide but have to within 12 months.
Not ready to decide and don't have to for more than 12 months, or have no time frame.
The project will not be implemented.
Which of the following best describes your funding status for this project?
A defined amount of money is approved and allocated for this project.
Funding has been approved but not yet allocated to this project.
Funding has been requested.
Funding has not yet been requested.
This project will not get funding.


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