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Frequently Asked Questions

This collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about the setup, installation, configuration, and licensing of our products. Please check here for answers before contacting us.


Do I have to register/authorize my software?

Yes, ISD supports software licensing and intellectual property protection. Software registration and authorization allow proper tracking of software licenses.

Prior to using ISD's bar coding and label design software, the software must be registered and authorized. The customer is required to fill out the Registration and Authorization Form and submit it to receive their authorization code by email. Authorization is required to obtain the full functionality and benefits of the purchased bar coding and label design software software. On all UNIX bar coding software and VMS bar coding software, authorization is effective for one year starting at the purchase date, thereafter reauthorization occurs annually upon required license renewal.

It is only after software authorization, that the customer is the licensee of the licensed software . ISD administrators will issue authorization codes only for customers who have issued a valid purchase order to ISD or have paid for the product in full by check or credit card. Under no circumstances will a customer who has an evaluation copy of ISD software be issued an authorization code unless the above circumstances have occurred.

I have the software on one computer and want to transfer it to another one, how can I do this?

Your right to move software licenses between systems to meet changes in your computing environment provides an important value of use. Licenses may not be transferred to another party except with ISD's written permission. You must maintain records matching the use of the Software to the license grants and will make the records available to ISD or the third party developer or owner of the Software upon reasonable notice.

  • For Tattoo ID software, the license can be transferred from one install to another through the license transfer option found within the software.
    1. Double click on the icon on your desktop to start the software.
    2. When the first box appears (it says for Trial Version wait 10 seconds for Welcome screen to appear), press enter to configure the license.
    3. The License Configuration screen appears.
    4. Click on License-> Transfer to Directory
    5. Save the license to the desired location
      (This does not work over network.. you may need to save locally then copy to a USB and take to the other computer.)
  • If this option cannot be accessed, the user must fill out a license disclosure form that is found on the ISD web site.
  • If a client is moving operating systems within the UNIX or VMS environment, they are required to purchase a new license.
  • If upgrading software within the same operating system, there is a fee which equals the difference in price for the higher model system.

I had to reinstall my software and need to have it re-authorized.  How can I do this?

Licensed software holders may re-authorize their software three times free of charge with a valid approved reason. For additional information, review Authorization and Re-Authorizations.    Re-authorization cannot be approved unless your software license is valid and current.

I would like to terminate my license. How do I do this?

To terminate the software license agreement, you need to fill out and sign a disclosure form stating that the license is removed and no longer in use.



Can I try the bar coding and label design software before I purchase?

Yes, click here to download free bar code software trials.

I don't want to use my credit card over the Internet, is there some other way I can purchase bar coding software?

Yes, you can call one of our sales representatives at: 800.600.2242.

Can I purchase bar code and label printing software without the design?

Yes, Integrated Software Design offers Tattoo Enterprise software includes one design station and multiple print stations, which gives you the capability to print labels that have been designed and created using Tattoo ID's powerful design features with text, bar codes, graphics, serial numbers and dates. 


How do I contact support?

Contact a technical support representative at: 800.600.2242 or email them at



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