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Registration and Authorization Form

ISD software packages must be registered and authorized before you can enjoy their full functionality.

This form is for clients that are registering or authorizing their software for the first time. If you are re-authorizing your software, please use the Re-authorization Form.

Follow the steps below to register and authorize your software.

First Name:*

Last Name:*

Telephone:* (ie, 6174192444)


Which product are you registering?

On-Tap Windows
On-Tap VMS
On-Tap PostScript Windows
On-Tap PostScript UNIX
On-Tap PostScript VMS
PrintWheel VMS
PrintWheel UNIX


Tattoo Sync
Tattoo Reporter
My Tattoo
Tattoo ID Business
Tattoo Enterprise
Tattoo Enterprise Print by Design
Tattoo Enterprise Print by Database

Registration Key/Site Code:*

Serial No:*


By completing the authorization form I certify that the statements are true and that the authorization code I am receiving is not being used to make a functional copy of any ISD software application(s). I certify that this is the original installation of the ISD software. I certify that the ISD software application(s) referenced above are used only in accordance with the licensing agreement under which it/they was/were purchased and that no illegal copies of the ISD software application are presently in use.

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